Thank you for visiting Aroma Yoga! I'd like to take a more personal approach to connecting with you by sharing some of my journey in hopes that we will one day practice yoga together, or that you will build trust in me to practice with your family.  

I was introduced to Yoga over 10 years ago but in recent years began to study Aromatherapy, Reflexology and came into a more committed and dedicated self Yoga practice. My self healing journey unfolded amazingly as I integrated these therapies into my every day life. I soon realized that I wanted to give back and dedicate my life to sharing Yoga, Aromatherapy and its benefits with friends, family, children, seniors, those suffering from anxiety,  under privileged communities, just hoping to make a positive difference in others lives, our society and even the world.

I studied Integrative Yoga Therapy at Sundara Yoga Therapy Center becoming a Registered Yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance.  Also certified as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher specializing to help those suffering from General Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. I have battled anxiety most of my life, so specializing in this area truly hits a deepness of healing within me that I can share with others.

Yoga therapy and Aromatherapy harmoniously helped me  find a true essence of who I am, and I am honored to share what I've learned with as many people as I can in my lifetime. I look forward to practicing with you and through it help guide you to find your own Yoga, and comfort  by staying true to yourself in your own individual journey. I believe in teaching our youth the positive healthy benefits of Yoga, helping them  incorporate it into their lifestyle to benefit them as they continue to grow. I currently teach Yoga to youth with Del Valle I.S.D's After-school Centers on Education program at Popham Elementary, I believe integrating Yoga practice into our public school systems is essential to our children's health and well being, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I also enjoy working with  senior citizens in the community, introducing them to practices that help improve their minds, bodies and overall health. Sharing Yoga and quality time helps give them a sense of appreciation for the life they live and the paths they have walked, spending time and being able to help them is a great honor and I cherish every moment.

I offer a diverse and wide variety of opportunities to share Yoga with you, your family and friends, whether under the moon, outdoors embracing nature, with a group of fellow athletes or in a home environment for a private session I hope you make time to join me. I'm currently studying Aromatherapy, Reflexology & recently Reiki Level 1 certified. I am committed to my learning and sharing with others, to make a positive difference in this world. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my journey, I hope to connect with you soon and learn more about yours!

~Ellen Vazquez RYT

Integrative Yoga Therapy helps give an in depth understanding of Yoga as a vehicle for global wellness. Based on the traditional elements of Yoga: posture, breath, guided imagery, meditation and deep relaxation. These are complemented with a broad understanding of health and the healing process both from a Yoga perspective and with the current mind-body health movement. This vision of healing is not just for the individual or the Yoga classroom. The roots of illness are social and cultural, while the effects  are planetary. For this reason the focus is social, cultural, and ecological as well as personal and spiritual. By bridging ancient insights and modern wellness, Integrative Yoga Therapy has a vital role to play in the rapidly expanding field of mind-body health and healing and in the healing of individuals, communities and our planet.-IYT

Aroma Yoga with

Ellen Vazquez RYT

Yoga Therapy

This simple, non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self of the Receiver to promote health and well being of the entire physical, emotional and psychic body. Therefore it is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit. 


When the flow of the "Life Force Energy" is disrupted, weakened or blocked, emotional or health problems tend to occur. Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as: emotional or physical trauma, injury, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, toxicity, nutritional depletion, destructive lifestyle and relationships, neglect of self and lack of love for oneself or others, from emotions that are not expressed in a healthy way...Reiki is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of any kind and it gives wonderful results.


Some Of The Reiki Healing Health Benefits:


Can help with accute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and aides the breaking of addictions,


Helps relieve pain,


Reduces blood pressure,


It accelerates the bodie's self-healing abilites,


Aids better sleep,


Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension,


Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony,


Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins,


Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy,


Supports the immune system,


Increases vitality and postpones the aging process,


Raises the vibrational frequency of the body,


Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

When we are relaxed, stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal. Long term practice of whole-body reiki will restore the general condition of the body. It will open the energy channels and this will allow the body to deal properly and naturally with stress and build-up toxins and cope with anxiety and depression. When a person is in good health, regular therapy will increase the bodies built-in defences. This will manifest itself as confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events. The person will gain a positive outlook on life. Reiki will also provide additional energy required to recover from illness.  A Reiki healing session can induce an extremely comfortable state of being that can bring alteration in the clients consciousness.

About Reiki

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~Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better the practice, the brighter the flame.' A.U


"Wow, just wanted to say thank you for today. It was beautiful and I needed it so much. I am grateful to you for opening my world to all of this!"~Raquel L.G.




"..well ladies let me tell you that I discovered & confirm that a certain type of specific yoga really does take away all symptoms!! Buh-Bye toxic pills hello Yoga! I had a private yoga session that my yoga teacher set up to only incorporate yoga poses specifically for menstrual symptoms. I immediately felt relief & even this morning I feel rejuvenated, still cramp free, balanced & energized! If you haven't tried this you should & the best part is that it is a private session so you really feel comfortable."~Maria T.G

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 Yoga Gives.












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